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News Nerdery: Apps for engaging storytelling

By Ashley Stalnecker and Zoe LaPorte

News organizations don’t need a lot of time or money to reach a wider audience on social media.

That’s one message Steven Ibanez, director of social engagement for Advance Digital, gave during his “News Nerdery 2.0” presentation at the Pennsylvania Press Conference on Saturday.

To reach more people on social media, Ibanez suggests these “news nerd” tools:

Image result for crowdTangle logo1. CrowdTangle
This app compares engagements (likes, shares, comments, etc.) among competitors on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The app can show how different posts or tools perform in terms of audience reaction.

2. Facebook Live
Videos posted through Facebook Live will reach more viewers than other Facebook posts because Facebook notifies users and promotes live videos. Useful for breaking news.

3. YouTube Live
Similar to Facebook Live but more useful for longer videos, because YouTube viewers tend to have a longer attention span. Like Facebook, YouTube notifies channel subscribers to promote videos. Videos with nationwide appeal can be boosted on YouTube’s homepage, directing more traffic to the host channel. YouTube does require a channel to receive a one-time channel verification before streaming a live video. This typically takes 24 hours.

 4. Quik
Popular free video-editing app for Android and iOS. Allows users to quickly and easily overlay text on videos and then publish to Instagram stories or other social media platforms.

5. Canva
Canva allows users to create social cards, attractive or interesting photos that quickly inform the audience about stories or topics. Ibanez recommends paying the $9.95 monthly subscription for premium options to create a specific style or brand for the user’s publication, including templates and fonts.

6. Giphy
Giphy, available through an app or browser, converts videos to gifs. Gifs are short, fun to engage the audience and drive traffic back to a publication’s website.

7. Snapchat
Snapchat, a social media app, uses “stories” to cover events in specific locations. Snapchat Map directs the audience to breaking news and informs them of real-time happenings. The ability to search locations or events makes it easier for reporters to pinpoint witnesses in breaking news situations.

Image result for Adobe Spark logo8. Adobe Spark and Post Maker
Like Canva, Adobe Spark and Post Maker give users the ability to create social cards. Adobe Spark is harder to use than Canva but caters to users who appreciate the Adobe platform. Post Maker, a free app, offers a richer experience but isn’t as easy as Canva.

9. Repost/Later
To drive interaction on Instagram, use Repost or Later to share photos from other Instagram users. It is important to reach out to the photo’s owner before reposting, but users are typically happy to share their work.

10. Hype Type
This app is a quick way to create highly stylized images and videos with text overlays on the iOS system.

11. Google Photos
Google Photos archives photos and videos to the user’s Google account for easy management. Its AI program allows visual searches for people, places and things in photos and videos.

12. Videolicious
This video-editing app, designed for journalists, weaves together interviews, videos, photos and music to create a professional video production.


Scholarship winners: Sports anchor, paper savior

By Megan Milligan

Brianna Hofsass, of Temple University, and Joshua Templin, of Albright College, are this year’s co-winners of the Ralph Flamminio Memorial Scholarship from the Pennsylvania Associated Press Media Editors.

Hofsass, 20, is a sports anchor for Temple TV’s Temple Update. She was the second freshman ever picked as an anchor on the program.

“I wasn’t going to originally try out for Temple Update, but if I want to get ahead in this industry I knew I had to try,” Hofsass said.

A great year for Philadelphia sports — the NFL Draft, Villanova’s NCAA tournament win  and the Eagles’ Super Bowl — has kept Hofsass busy.

Templin, 30, is credited with saving his community college newspaper, the Front Street Journal. He redesigned the website and took on the challenge of editor when no one else would heed the call.

He now hosts a radio show at Albright College called Next Exit, which covers the diverse underground music scene in Reading.

Templin advised young journalism students to “follow your passion, wherever that may take you.”

Hofsass and Templin said the awards of $1,500 each will help further their educations.

The Flamminio scholarship, given in honor of the former Allentown Morning Call editor, are given every year to students who have made an impact in journalism.

Butch Comegys wins Vathis photography award — again!

By Ashley Stalnecker

Scranton Times-Tribune photographer Butch Comegys has won the Paul Vathis Memorial Photography Portfolio Award for the second time.

Comegys received the award, given in honor of the Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, for his work from last year.

“I’m shocked,” Comegys said. “I definitely did not expect this.”

Comegys called his mother from the 2018 Pennsylvania Press Conference to tell her the good news. His family, particularly his father, inspired much of his career.

Fred Comegys was a photojournalist for 50 years and was by his son’s side as he received the award — just as he was the first time, in 2016.

Comegys said his father taught him everything he knew about photography. So much that, at the age of 17, he knew more than his high school photography teacher.

“He even told me, he said, ‘I didn’t teach you anything, you did it on your own. You did it yourself,’” Comegys said. “That feels good. It feels humbling.”

Comegys said that whenever he’s on assignment, he thinks about how his father would shoot the photograph. He tries to emulate his father’s style in his photography.

Comegys started his career at the Wilmington News-Journal in Delaware, alongside his father, and has been at the Times-Tribune for more than 20 years.

He said Scranton has been his favorite place to work. He said it feels good to have people that trust him and recognize his work.

“I’ve been there the longest and I love the people there,” Comegys said. “I have a great job.”