Interns’ final thoughts

William Derry, Amelia Kibbe, Julia Schuller and Rob DiRienzo

I never could have expected to have such an awarding two-day experience at the 2017 Online Reporter Project. As as an aspiring journalist, I have had roughly 5 part-time positions and internships within my field before beginning the Online Reporter Project. What made this opportunity extremely unique was the opportunity to work simultaneously as a print, photo and video journalist. Some of my other opportunities had restricted me to solely broadcast or radio journalism. On top of that, I was able to network with literally hundreds of journalists in my field. I learned a lot from our mentors, and I’m sad that it flew by so quickly!

–– Julia Schuller

This weekend gave me the tools to help grow as a journalist. In this day and age, there is perpetual uncertainty about the direction of the industry and the public’s trust in us as journalists. Several of the discussions helped quell those anxieties and equipped me with a sense of ardent determination for the truth and overall transparency. My work on the Online Reporter Project gave me a great opportunity to network with the state’s most talented and determined journalists. One of the most rewarding conversations I had was with Susan Baldrige, who broke a major story here in Lancaster and was recognized for it. Her courage is evident in our conversation. I hope to absorb some of the professionalism, personality, and journalistic ethicism I have experienced here  as I being my career.

–– Rob DiRienzo

I really enjoyed the panel discussions this weekend. The first day, I attended one that was more than 2.5 hours long — that’s like three college classes. But I wasn’t distracted or bored. Hearing from different-sized papers and TV stations really helped me understand the changing journalism atmosphere — right as I’m about to enter it. It was a fun weekend, and I would recommend it to any communications student.

–– Amelia Kibbe

Interning with the 2017 Online Reporter Project at the 2017 Pennsylvania Press Conference was an eye-opening experience.

Not only did I have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals but I was also able to network with media members from around the state of Pennsylvania. Although the conference only lasted for two days, I acquired additional skills and gained more knowledge about the media industry during this short period of time than I could have ever imagined.

The guidance that I received from all of the mentors of the Online Reporter Project was impeccable and I could not be more appreciative of their support. Additionally, it was a pleasure working with the other interns.

–– William Derry

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