Tweet? Snap? ‘gram? Advice from 3 Social Media Gurus

By Julia Schuller

Want to reach millennials, but don’t know Instagram from Billy Graham? Turn to the social media experts.

Pennsylvania reporters and editors packed Saturday’s “Getting Social” workshop to learn how to take full advantage of social media.

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly twice as many people get their news from websites, apps and social media than print sources.

One audience member asked the panelists: “How do you decide which platform is best for what? Is there a guideline to follow or is it instinctive?”

“For us it’s instinctive,” said Stephanie Arnold, lead social media producer at the Philadelphia Media Network.

For now.

Arnold said her company is working on creating a style guide for social media to provide specific guidelines for each platform.

Audience members attend “Getting Social” workshop Saturday morning at the Pennsylvania Press Conference (Photos by Julia Schuller)

Ashley Carelock, social media manager at and the Patriot-News, agreed with Stephanie’s intuitive perspective on social media. But she said there are specific brand languages that she uses on different social media platforms.

“It’s a science and an art at the same time,” Carelock said.

Abbey Zelko, flipside reporter at the York Daily Record/Sunday News, advised the audience to “think about the platform and the audience that’s on that platform.”

“Younger audiences are on Snapchat on Instagram, but that’s not to say that older audiences aren’t on there as well,” Zelko said. “My mom has a Snapchat.”

Each panelist stays on top of their own personal social media profiles as well. Their Twitter handles can be found below:

Stephanie Arnold: @MsArnold

Ashley Carelock: @AshleyCarelock

Abbey Zelko: @AbbeyZelko13

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