AppChat: 10 reporters need, right now

Anna Orso, reporter extraordinaire of and Steven Ibanez, the Director of Social Engagement for Advance Digital, spoke Saturday about the 10 apps every journalist should have. They’re great for reporting and monitoring breaking news, creating brand awareness and generating interest in coverage. 

1. Snapchat
Sure it’s mostly selfies and strange filters, but Snapchat can be a fun, creative and insightful way to tell a story and take readers inside places and events.
App Store | Google Play

2. Yik Yak
An anonymous messaging app that acts as a tipsheet on the goings on of a community. It’s vital to coverage of colleges, where political activity, bomb threats and other news that hasn’t hit the mainstream are sometimes discussed.
App Store | Google Play

3. Periscope
Owned by Twitter. For live broadcasting from mobile devices. Allows instant feedback from followers. Archives once the live event is over.
App Store | Google Play

4. Google Voice
Enables recording of telephone conversations. Check local laws to make sure you don’t Linda Tripp yourself up.
App Store | Google Play

5. Google Photos
Google’s robust artificial intelligence and recognition technology archives photos based on location, date and subject, including people and places.
App Store | Google Play

6. Genius Scan
Turns documents into readable PDFs, more usable than merely shooting a picture of them.
App Store | Google Play

7. Videolicious
Easily shoot, edit and share video from mobile devices. Once posted, can be shared on web and social media platforms.
App Store | Google Play

8a. Hyperlapse
Instagram’s app for creating timelapse videos. Includes strong stabilization technology. Must shoot video within the app.
App Store

8b. Boomerang
Instagram’s app for shooting short looping videos.
App Store | Google Play

9. 5-0
Monitor the police/fire scanner for thousands of public safety departments without the scanner. Pro version recommended.
App Store | Google Play

10. Banjo
Organizes the social and digital messages by location, giving a hand on the pulse of what’s going on in real time.
App Store | Google Play

Bonus: Dark Sky
An amazing weather app. It’s gon rain!
App Store | Google Play

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