Digital tools you can use now for quicker, easier reporting

Today’s journalists are seeing a change in the way they collect information to report quickly. Assignment Editor Bill Decker and Assistant News Director Eric Nazarenus at WGAL-TV, News 8, in Lancaster shared evolving tools reporters can use to enhance stories. Crime and fire scanners Mobile site

  • Broadcastify – live police, fire, EMS, aircraft and railroad scanner. News stations can record audio directly from  the site in any state and county.

Mobile apps

“Even when you’re in the car, you should be gathering news.” -Bill Decker

On social media Facebook and Twitter

  • Take advantage of police and fire departments’ posts, photos and press releases.
  • Search for municipalities’ social media platforms to find specific posts about times, dates and places where incidents occur.

Photo and video converters

  • & – free websites that help reporters convert public YouTube clips and Facebook posts for easier on-air use.  Prevents reporters from having to take a video off a computer screen.
  • – a video converter to send videos from one location to another; eliminates the need for satellite trucks during on-site reporting

 “This makes every journalist a mobile newsroom now.” -Eric Nazarenus

Court documents and criminal records

  • LexisNexis – Paid website allowing users to search for anything from property and criminal records to items citizens have purchased.
  • – Free website providing specifics on criminal cases, including charges, where trials are held, the judge on the trial and case status

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